Cranford (BBC, UK, 2007)

Cranford (BBC, UK, 2007)

I’m currently watching Cranford, which aired on BBC One back in 2007. It’s a fantastically funny miniseries about a small English village resistant to change, even in the face of the Industrial Revolution. Brilliantly cast, Cranford derives the bulk of its heart and humor from its band of outspoken spinsters, led by the formidable Eileen Atkins as Miss Deborah Jenkyns and including Imelda Staunton, pictured here, as the silly and energetic gossip with the floppiest of bonnets and a tendency toward misunderstandings. Her one liners are perfection, as are Ms. Atkins’s more sternly delivered ones. A personal favorite moment in this five-episode series is when Atkins’s Deborah discusses the consumption of oranges with her sister Miss Matty Jenkyns (a particularly adorable Judi Dench) and house guest Mary Smith (Lisa Dillon).


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