Hello, world!

NOTE (7/15/16): I started this blog in the summer of 2012, fresh out of my first year of college. But junior year me was embarrassed of freshman me’s writing and wanted to start afresh, so I hid all my previous entries and pretended like this new one was my first. Well now one-year-out-of-college me wants to use this blog as a record of my musings on movies and books and other things over time, and, more importantly, of my writing, so I’ve made my former entries public again. Just wanted to explain why there are two Hello, world’s in here, if only for my own memories. Also wanted to note for my own records that I will most likely be pasting in entries written on my private journal into this blog, to plump up the number of entries I have on here. Toodles.

Says the computer science major in me. Hi, my name is Meena. I am a junior in college double majoring in economics and computer science. My surprise interest in computer science, spawned after I took a few courses during my sophomore year just for my own general knowledge, has left me with an unfortunately small amount of time to pursue my other interests in English, film, creative writing, history, and chemistry, but I manage either by taking one non-major and non-requirement class per semester, or else by developing these interests during my own free time. Like through this blog. ticketstubsanddvds will consist largely of my reflections on movies, and occasionally top five lists (my friends only know how much I love making those. They don’t have to exclusively pertain to film, television, plays, music, books, and publications – I’ve been known to demand friends and family to name their top five favorite fruits, vegetables, international cuisines, presidents as well, though annoyingly oftentimes they answer and never ask me what mine are), though I won’t promise not to go off on long, awful tangents. In case you haven’t noticed already, I am wont to do that when I write non-academic and non-journalistic opinionated pieces for my own pleasure. Anyways, ticketstubsnanddvds will provide me a space to voice my opinions on movies I’ve recently watched, document the many movies I’ve seen, and develop my writing style. First up? Spike Jonze’s Her.


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