After all the unpacking, cleaning, and graduation exercises (my sister’s, not mine) marking my first week back home this summer, all I wanted to do was to reunite with some of my closest high school buddies and have one of our traditional movie parties. Which basically involves us doing two of my favorite things: watching movies and eating.

So armed with a toothbrush that would ultimately go unused that night, I drove over to my friend’s house, got comfy in one of her sleeping bags (after repeatedly pushing her cute but hyper dog away so that he would stop licking my face), gorged on some of her mother’s delicious homemade pizza, and after a couple hours of chatting, proceeded to watch Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger in preparation for tomorrow’s festivities of seeing Marvel’s newest superhero flick, The Avengers, on the big screen.

Maybe it was because I was getting quite fed up with the superhero craze – I get it, superhero movies rake in the big bucks for the studios so from an economic standpoint, it makes sense for them to continue producing them – or maybe it was because I always thought Thor and Captain America looked like lackluster movies, but contrary to my tendency to enjoy most movies I see and against the positive consensus of the critics, I disliked both movies. Especially Thor. The only scene I really enjoyed was in the beginning when Thor and his friends battled the Frost Giants. I thought watching Thor and his friends’ mythical powers in action was pretty cool. But other than that, the plot fell flat, especially in terms of the very rushed romantic arc between Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and Natalie Portman’s human Jane Foster. Their romance seemed forced and unnatural, not to mention one based on looks alone. My favorite character in the entire movie? Loki.


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